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I'm Kosala Liyanage
I design mobile apps
and websites

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Selected Projects
Revolutionizing How Introductions Are Made
Coming Soon!
Introze Mobile App
Connecting Vocationally Skilled Professionals
Kaushal Circle
Mobile App UI/UX Design
Kaushal Circle Mobile App
A Gamified Mobile Health Platform for Youth
Mobile App UI/UX Design
Selected Project
New Curated Vegan Recipes Every Day!
Coming Soon!
Selected Project

About Me

My Story

Design adds value faster than it adds costs.

- Joel Spolsky

I strive for simplicity and minimalism. I didn’t start off as a UI/UX designer, although looking back, I was always a creative and visual person. While working as a product manager for a company producing mobile apps, I was frustrated with the quality of the UI/UX work available. The solution was to learn the subject myself to a degree where I could select the best UI designers. In doing so I learned that I loved the UI/UX design process, decided the switch careers, and the rest, as they say, is history.

My years of work as a product manager gives me a definitive edge as I have a broader understanding of the entire process of developing a product, not just the UI/UX. Now after working as a freelance UI/UX designer for several years, I bring a unique set of skills and a level of understanding that will surely be useful in your next UI/UX project, whether it is the next big mobile app or your personal website.

When I'm not designing I'm either cooking, dancing, hiking or spoiling my cat.

Lead UI/UX designer at We Make Platforms and part-time design mentor at Designlab.

Accepting selected freelance projects.

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What My Clients Say

Love working with Kosala! Nicest guy ever, very responsive and great designer! We are very happy with our new designs! Highly recommend.

Tali Raphaely, Client
Tali Raphaely
Attorney, Author, Founder & CEO, Introze
Florida, USA

I’d highly recommend Kosala not only because of the great designs but also the value he adds as a team member in thinking through the overall product. He is a great team player and an awesome human being. We loved collaborating with Kosala multiple times in our product development journey so far and would continue to partner with him in the future as well.

Punit Manek, Client
Punit Manek
Founder, Kaushal Circle
New Delhi, India

His attention to detail, high quality design and communication make the overall experience outstanding.

Anonymous Client
Mobile App UI/UX Project


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